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wolf and silver 2018 by ProfFlyingJoeMule wolf and silver 2018 :iconprofflyingjoemule:ProfFlyingJoeMule 6 4 Haiku For Vector Brony by ProfFlyingJoeMule Haiku For Vector Brony :iconprofflyingjoemule:ProfFlyingJoeMule 2 0 A Haiku For Lighting Bliss by ProfFlyingJoeMule A Haiku For Lighting Bliss :iconprofflyingjoemule:ProfFlyingJoeMule 4 0 Haiku for Dr. wolf by ProfFlyingJoeMule Haiku for Dr. wolf :iconprofflyingjoemule:ProfFlyingJoeMule 3 2 A duel to be the leader by ProfFlyingJoeMule A duel to be the leader :iconprofflyingjoemule:ProfFlyingJoeMule 3 0 Wild Awry Walking by ProfFlyingJoeMule Wild Awry Walking :iconprofflyingjoemule:ProfFlyingJoeMule 4 1
The equalnationale
The equalnationale
By prof. flying joe mule
Arise all fillies, mares and stallions
Arise all ponies of the land
For equal has come to free us all
It's time for you to join us now
When our land knows what we are doing
To be equal amongst our self's
And not to be unique and different
Its time of all ponies to join
So come join ponies of kind
You just don't have a choice
The equalnationale shall be the pony land
For some day will be equal
And no one will be the same
The equalnationale shall be the pony land
Wrote on Saturday 11 of April 2015 at 10:30 pm
:iconprofflyingjoemule:ProfFlyingJoeMule 1 0
Rockette As A Japanese Waiter by ProfFlyingJoeMule Rockette As A Japanese Waiter :iconprofflyingjoemule:ProfFlyingJoeMule 7 2 Penny And Rockette In Yandere Simulator by ProfFlyingJoeMule Penny And Rockette In Yandere Simulator :iconprofflyingjoemule:ProfFlyingJoeMule 8 19 Rockette In Japan by ProfFlyingJoeMule Rockette In Japan :iconprofflyingjoemule:ProfFlyingJoeMule 5 10 my gift to keyframe by ProfFlyingJoeMule my gift to keyframe :iconprofflyingjoemule:ProfFlyingJoeMule 3 1 Happy birthday keyframe by ProfFlyingJoeMule Happy birthday keyframe :iconprofflyingjoemule:ProfFlyingJoeMule 3 0 Guess Whos Still Living by ProfFlyingJoeMule
Mature content
Guess Whos Still Living :iconprofflyingjoemule:ProfFlyingJoeMule 6 1
tamuua OC profile
Name: tamuua
Nicknames: tammy, honey bunny(only her husband says it to her), peg (same ting only her husband)
Gender: female
Age: adult (21- 39)
Sexuality: heterosexual
Martial Status: married to prof. joe mule
Pony Type: unicorn zebra
Mane Color/Style/Length: yellow with black and long hair
Coat Description: Light grayish yellow
Eye Shape/Color: Pure blue
Accessories: flower on her head  is a pendent she uses
Cutie Mark: Adinkra symbol for Unity
Special Talent:
Personality: energetic, very outgoing, cheerful zebroid, likes to go out a lot and do out door activities, tends to like water
a lot and does water sports as well, as a zebroid she is not afraid of dangers that might happened, in fact she is
the opposite of it and becomes brave and fights when in face of danger, she uses her strgenth only when need it
and uses what she calls her instinct's and smarts from her home to trick dangers such as opponent's and evil persons,
when angry it depends on the a
:iconprofflyingjoemule:ProfFlyingJoeMule 0 0
the rainbow alicorn
by prof mule.
their once was an alicorn cute and small
her ears were too big and her tail too long
down at the rift cafe she is love by all
but call her short and thats were you did worng
for it is rainbows she will shoot as she runs
to you my adivce you better hide your buns
but still when troubles are at hoof she is their
to defend her friends so you villans beware.
theirs a new princess in town her name lighting bliss
a princess who will help, when someone is in the abyss
not afraid to take action when some one calls her short
looking upon the rift cafe when theirs noting to report
she as a heart of gold that one can compare
her rainbows is the thing that flair
with sub zero the two make a good pair
and we can see why they have a glare
and now i must take my leave
that is all i have to report
i must run from my life i belive
for a certain alicon who i just called short
Prof. Mule : Tamuua help me with your magic!!*runs*
Lighting bliss: come back here and fight like a stallion!! *sho
:iconprofflyingjoemule:ProfFlyingJoeMule 1 1
its good to be helping poem
by prof. joe mule
it the quiet town of ponyville,
lies a character witch everyone knows.
hes kind & shy and doesnt go out much,
instead he is in his office lisening.
yes listening to pony's problems
hearing their sorrow's and fear's,
and in the end giving his dignanostics
he is a Dr. who cures the pony's soul.
he is Dr. wolf a wolf with a heart,
a heart so bright is made of pure gold.
with her lovely wife ms.wolf at his side
and his brother tireck at the other.
stands & guards to help those in need,
to lend a paw on those ponys who need him
on those who are able to open up to him
as he listens to their fears and sorrows.
and at the end of the hard day,
as the pony leaves for the day
feeling a bit better of their self, he beaths and says
"it's good to be helping".
:iconprofflyingjoemule:ProfFlyingJoeMule 3 2


Sentinel by The-Loner-030 Sentinel :iconthe-loner-030:The-Loner-030 3 2 The Brazilian Bombshell | Commission by The-Muscle-Girl-Fan The Brazilian Bombshell | Commission :iconthe-muscle-girl-fan:The-Muscle-Girl-Fan 124 26 Selfie by Divine-Fire-Wolf Selfie :icondivine-fire-wolf:Divine-Fire-Wolf 47 19 Mitch With a Different Haircut by 09tuf by korak225 Mitch With a Different Haircut by 09tuf :iconkorak225:korak225 40 13 Zenon by GasaiV Zenon :icongasaiv:GasaiV 122 18 Makoto/Haruka by Marchell-Finch Makoto/Haruka :iconmarchell-finch:Marchell-Finch 202 11 Bathtub by Marchell-Finch Bathtub :iconmarchell-finch:Marchell-Finch 114 14 Alex by Marchell-Finch Alex :iconmarchell-finch:Marchell-Finch 129 24 Zaveid by GasaiV Zaveid :icongasaiv:GasaiV 167 32 Zenon by GasaiV Zenon :icongasaiv:GasaiV 128 17 Haven't Drawn Much GoldenKey by BuyolitsezMC Haven't Drawn Much GoldenKey :iconbuyolitsezmc:BuyolitsezMC 48 8 Goldenkey by IhasJessie-Kat Goldenkey :iconihasjessie-kat:IhasJessie-Kat 71 20 GoldenFrame by ArtArtzy GoldenFrame :iconartartzy:ArtArtzy 57 6 GoldenKey by Cilangrassgymleader GoldenKey :iconcilangrassgymleader:Cilangrassgymleader 72 12 [Comm] Magical Flying Eskimo Kisses! by Isaacs-Collar [Comm] Magical Flying Eskimo Kisses! :iconisaacs-collar:Isaacs-Collar 119 11 Lineless Chibis - Golden Fox and Keyframe by Pastel-Script Lineless Chibis - Golden Fox and Keyframe :iconpastel-script:Pastel-Script 34 0


To be honest I really love that this pic has a 3D effect, every detail in this pic went true this even the shadow effect on the arms an...

this by far is a very good work, it doesn't even look like it is a MS- paint very detail was perfectly well done from her hair all the ...


so i finally done and i wish to thank all these people……………………………


special thanks to

music from the obamikado…

lighting bliss…
dr wolf…
mad munchkin…
silver quill…
golden fox…
aeon of dreams…
the lost narrator…

special thanks to
bright idea…
A Bright Smile by A-Bright-Idea
wolf and silver 2018
so yeah i did a poll on equestria amino app who would be president and vice president and oddly enough in 3 hours people voted like crazy and surely enough they voted for this if brony's had a nation of course, also oddly enough these people voted for firebrand as Secretary of defense, lightning bliss as Secretary of state and toonkritcy2k as head of the secret service

Dr. wolf belongs to: :icondrwolf010:

silverquill belongs to: :iconmlp-silver-quill:
vectors belongs to: :iconlightning-bliss: :iconmlp-silver-quill:

well it looks like it's their house now for now.

when i saw this video i really thought in a second a fun video for it but i didn't know how
but thanks to  :iconpastel-script:  got that chance and her works are here and also the
video that inspired all this as well as well as these persons.

fun bonus fact: this was published on oct 22 2016 if it were to be published
on the 23rd it would have been for me a very nice birthday gift for me since
my birthday is on the 23rd how cool & odd is that :-)

CarToonZ is owned by :iconflameamigo619:
Thunder Blight is owned by :iconlightning-bliss:
Aeon of dreams is owned by :iconaeonofdreams:
Horror Score is owned by :iconhenmo24:
D.AnY is owned by  :iconaynwye:

roundtable is magic…

roundtable is evil…

the artist who i need to thank for her wonderful artwork

#roundtableisevil : our favorite villains…

inspired by "it's our house now song" from the Halloween special of the house of mouse of Disney


ProfFlyingJoeMule's Profile Picture
Atomic pen
Current Residence: san luis rio colorado, sonora
Favourite genre of music: all genres
Favourite cartoon character: danny phantom and FOP


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